Wouldn’t it be great if someone would create some bite size cornstarch treats.  They could be shaped just like the candy smarties but made out of cornstarch.  Maybe I should make some samples. 😉 What you think?

If you are like me, you may be wondering if the ingredients the Argo Gloss Laundry Starch is the same as the ingredients in the Argo Cornstarch.  Well, we purchased a red box today and the yellow box which is now sold in a plastic container with a blue lid. 

Stay tuned to find out the results of our investigation.



What brand do you prefer?  I think the new Argo is to thin, I prefer the grocery store in house brand.

Eating large amounts of cornstarch weekly may cause you to gain weight if you are not physically active.  

Every now and then I have a senior moment.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the consumption of cornstarch ? ? ? 


I know you all have seen the baby powder products with corn starch . Well of course I had to try it out to see which was better.

There is no comparison. The taste of 100% cornstarch is the winner.   There is only one brand baby powder with corn starch that comes close to being a substitute, and I’m sure you guys know the one I’m referring to.  Nevertheless, I found the baby powder to be bad on my teeth. Something in the baby power caused my teeth to break. Maybe because it is not to be eaten Therefore,  I quickly let it go and went back to the real deal.

The starch craving went away for a while.  It stayed away through  my second or third pregnancy. However when child number 4 come along, the craving returned.    I headed to the supermarket to get a box of Argo.  I search all the local grocery stores and it was nowhere to be found.  I asked a store manager about it and was told that they stopped selling it because to many people were eating it. I was shocked to hear that, now what was I going to do. I needed a fix for my craving.  The cashier at the supermarket stated that she knew someone who ate the cornstarch baby powder.  So of course, I had to try it.

Hey, I’m back to finish my story. So much going on, just haven’t had the time to blog.

After elementary and my stage of eating chalk dust.  The urge for powdery substances just went away. I had no desire for it throughout high school or college. All of a sudden when I hit my 20’s and became pregnant, the craving returned.  All those years without it and bam, there I was in the local grocery purchasing a box of Argo Laundry starch.  As soon as I approached the check out lane and placed it on the counter, the cashier first words were, “are you going to eat this”.  Now what made her think that. It was my belly poking out to the counter. She then went on to say that her daughter ate  baby powder while she was pregnant as if it healthier than the starch. My reaction was “baby powder yuck”

So throughout my 9 months I ate the Argo starch, ganged about 60 pounds, nevertheless, me and my baby were fine.  I had no health issues and neither did my newborn.  After giving birth, the 60 pounds melted off and I was back to my normal weight and guess what? The starch craving disappeared again. What in the world is going on. However it didn’t stay away for long,  in my next post I will tell you when it decided to return.

Ok, I am back and I know you guys have been dying to hear what my next weird intake was after losing my access to starch. Well after volunteering to clean the chalk board in elementary school, I clapped the erasers together. The lovely aroma of chalk filled the air and whispered in my ear ” taste me”, and I did. It was not as tasting as the laundry starch but it was similar and temporarily filled my void.

Every time the teacher asked for a helper to erase the chalkboard I was delighted to help.

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